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Design and Consultation

You have a vision.

3d-capabilities [1]Your vision is individual and distinct. It is dependent on many factors including function, form, beauty and historic relevance. Whatever your vision, at Stewart Iron Works we are ready to help you bring it to life with our design and consultation services. When partnering with our designers, architects, and engineers, you become part of a team energized by the challenges of unique metal masterpieces.

Design and Consultation with Experts

The expertise of our design team will help you breathe new life into the forms you need, creating a setting with the look and feel you desire. We have the ability to create a broad range of architectural elements either from scratch or based on existing forms. We weave together the new and the old with a beautiful artistic thread.

Our Design and Consultation Services ensure that no matter your project, whether it is custom fencing [2]or gates [3], historic metal casings [4], or any other specialty project [5], you leave the process knowing that your vision will come to life just as you see it.

3D Capabilities

The use of 3D CAD Modeling software allows Stewart to see all necessary dimensions of your project. No project exists solely on paper or in 2 dimensions. Fully grasping your project relies on a complete understanding of the scope and dimensions. We can provide you with a 3D design of your final shape so that you can see the whole item before it is carefully forged by our team.

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