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Architectural Shapes

architectural-shapes-featureAt Stewart Iron Works our Custom Design Team will work closely with you on your project. The creative execution of your project will not be limited due to a lost or broken desired metal shapes or forms.

Our extensive experience in the design and creation of custom metal castings will allow us to create the exact form you are looking for. Using this expertise, we can ignore the limits normally imposed by commercial metal shape availability and can instead focus only on achieving your dream.


Architectural Finishes

architectural-finishes-featureCreating specialty iron works designs often requires the use of special materials and custom finishes. We have experience with every finishing technique available to the hand working metal craftsman as well as today’s modern manufacturing industry.

We offer custom color matching capabilities and can provide finishes which will be identical to any sample you have to offer. We are also able to match items from photographs and archives.

Let’s achieve that special appearance you dream of and craft a distinctive, original look.


Start Your Next Project With Us

At Stewart Iron Works, we believe in creating settings with timeless appeal.