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Historic Restoration

historic-restorationEvery restoration project begins with an evaluation by the Stewart Restoration Team – a group that boasts over 200 years of combined experience with restoration and manufacturing techniques. This team will determine the restoration processes to be used and will oversee their use through the conclusion of the project. Every restoration method we use is endorsed and accepted by the leading Preservation Societies in the country.

Our unique knowledge of historic metal casting and weld repair techniques enables us to accurately evaluate casting repair possibilities. In cases where repair is not possible (or desired), Stewart’s designers create reproductions accurate in every detail.

In addition to our restoration projects, we maintain an extensive archival library of historic ironwork. The National Building Museum (in Washington, D.C.) described the Stewart library on 19th and 20th century American and European metalwork as the “most comprehensive in the country.” This collection of original technical drawings, foundry pattern books, manufacturing catalogs, and architectural forms provide insight and inspiration crucial to preservation projects. Our archival library equips our designers, engineers, and craftsmen with knowledge that results in accurate recreation of historic pieces.

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